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Hi my name is Puneet Bahuguna. I am a passed out of 2012 and did my engineering in computer science from a beautiful place of hills Dehradun. Currently I am working as an android developer in a software company. The core area of my interest are writing compositions, photography, singing,travelling new places and exploring innovative stuff. The motive behind this page is only to put my work on board in front of you. I want to map each and every aspect of my work here for you. Till now as a software developer I worked on various projects which includes some applications in which i put my contribution with the people. I works on some individual projects as well. This website is also a design of my work. As a writer i wrote some of the poems. I am writing from my class 8th. when i was 12 year old. I am trying to put all my written composition here. As a musician I have not done so many things but trying to start my own on this. A youtube page is also there you can also catch channel named punivoice. Where i am gonna upload few things for you. I love to play guitar and harmonium. Now when it comes to photography so whenever i go to some places i capture all those moments of nature which attracts me in my camera. Below are the sections of my work.

Application Development/Designing

Android Native&Hybrid application development Responsive web design Database Design Planning and Requirement gathering Delhi Taxi Cab Anytime puneetbahuguna.com infiviz.com

My Compositions


I have written poems on random feel.Blogs and articles for the magazines.



Music is the soul of a dead, music has a power which can melt even a piece of stone, so what about the humans. Music is my first passion of life. Playing guitar and harmonium gives me immense pleasure. Going to upload few on my channel punivoice on youtube. STAY CONNECTED!!!

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Info Corner

Current/Upcoming Stuff

Watched Toyota and Mrf race at budhaa international circuit with a powerpact performance of Shaan. Great experience.
Posted on-Sep 29 2014
We are planning an adventureous trip, welcome to the trip and Stay tuned to us at puneetbahuguna.com
Posted on-Sep 29 2014
A bikefest is there at budhaa international circuit on 4 and 5 Oct.
Posted on-Sep 29 2014
Mangalyaan is on mars mission, a great achievement by ISRO, congrats to all indians.
Posted on-Sep 24 2014
Google India to launch a nationwide contest to develop a mobile app for PMO
Posted on-Sep 23 2014
Iphone 6 and 6 plus is launched, may be launched in the month of october in India.
Posted on-Sep 18 2014
First version of puneetbahuguna.com is launched. please give your feedbacks.
Posted on-Sep 02 2014



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